Garden Vegetable Seeds 33 Vegetables 13,400 total seeds

Garden Vegetable Seeds 33 Vegetables 13,400 total seeds

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*We Picked the Healthiest, Fastest Growing & Most Delicious NON-GMO Heirloom Varieties.
*Super Compact Design can be Stored in Freezer to Extend Lifespan as long as any seed bank
All of our U.S. grown seeds were open pollinated and can easily be grown to product more seed for sustainable living; there's enough seeds to plant an entire acre! Each back contains special food safe packet which absorbs all the oxygen and extends the life of the seeds. If kept in a cool place such as a basement, the SOS survival Seed Pack survive a decades before the germination rate is enough to be a concern in a survival situation.
All of our SOS seed pack consist of seed harvested for 2020 and are 99.9% pure with 93-98% germination rates depending on variety. 

Tomato, Beefsteak - 56 Seeds

Celery, Utah 52-70 - 3,500+ Seeds

Beans, Blue Lake 274 - 12 Seeds

Lettuce, Iceberg - 1200+ Seeds

Broccoli, Calabrese - 450+ Seeds

Cantaloupe, Hale's Best Jumbo - 40 Seeds

Cauliflower, Snowball Y Improved - 450+ Seeds 

Collards, Georgia Southern - 300+ Seeds

Cabbage, Red Acre - 300+ Seeds

Peas, Green Arrow - 25 Seeds

Brussels Sprouts, Long Island Improved - 100 Seeds

Cucumber, Boston Pickling - 40 Seeds

Eggplant, Black Beauty - 175+ Seeds

Asparagus, Mary Washington - 12 Seeds

Melon, Green Flesh Honeydew - 40 Seeds

Beet, Detroit Dark Red - 100+ Seeds

Kale, Blue Scotch Curled - 300+ Seeds

Buttercrunch Lettuce - 1400 Seeds

Parris Island Romaine Lettuce - 1000 Seeds

Red Romain Lettuce - 1000 Seeds

Onion, Yellow Sweet Spanish - 50 Seeds

Pumpkin, Big Max - 4 Seeds

Arugula, Slow Bolt - 500+ Seeds

Corn, Bilicious -10 Seeds

Spinach, Giant Nobel - 100+ Seeds

Squash, Black Beauty - 8 Seeds

Radish, Cherry Belle - 100+ Seeds

Sunflower, Peredovik - 10 Seeds

Swiss Chard, Large White Rib - 40+ Seeds


Watermelon, Crimson Sweet - 12 Seeds

Rutabaga, American Purple Top - 450+ Seeds

Pepper, Sweet Yolo Wonder - 70 Seeds

Carrot, Scarlet Nantes - 1,500+ Seeds

That Totals Over 13,400 Seeds!

Germination information included with instructions.
All S.O.S.  Seeds were open-pollinated to preserve the plant's genetic variation!
This ensures that your crop will be able to produce seeds of it's own! 
You will never have to buy seeds again for your children or future generations!